Thursday, November 22, 2012

3 days post op

Good evening from the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm, LLC… Where we sit around all doped up with a leg that will drive you up a wall if you don’t grab your meds immediately when due…or if you forget for a minute that you can’t simply jump up and go at a moment’s notice…or TWIST…yeah baby…that’s it…just twist that big ol’ swollen knee one time…just one time and you’ll understand what forever REALLY is! It is obvious to me that things will diminish as we progress and I simply have to wait…so I will. If only I didn’t sound like a screaming animal dying at the bottom of a pile of hungry attacking predators! It sounds terrible. My Son and his wife took pity on me and sent me a half dozen white creamed doughnuts, which I love, but cannot eat just yet, because hiccupping may cause me to choke to death on them. Now wouldn’t that be a bummer….killed by your favorite food. Actually, I’m doing really well for only being 3 days post op for such a major surgery. The stiffness and swelling is nasty, but bearable and subsides more and more every day. Getting rid of the anesthesia is the worst, causing me to have constant hiccups and a dark mucus discharge when coughing. If I think of food, I start hiccupping. In reality and laying all the self designated jokes aside…I wrote this on Friday evening and just found it today….the first time I felt as if I could sit long enough to write anything. I underwent a severe morphine interaction that sort of popped up unexpectedly after the third day. All of a sudden my good condition portrayed, deteriated and immediately, I had chills, nausea, yawning, tremors, agitation, hiccups, depression and irritability. Opiate withdrawal can be painful physically and emotionally. Detoxing from Percocet should not something you have to deal with on top of what I was already facing. It simply retarded my recovery time by an additional six days before my regular Doctor got me straightened out. Today is the first time that I can satand to sit at the computer. I must finish this from the iPad though, because I cannot sit any longer. I have been here all of five minutes and can no longer stand the pain in my leg.