Friday, October 3, 2008

AOL hometown is closing their doors & we’re MOVING!!

In fact, we’ve already moved and you’re all invited to come with us! The link you will need is as follows, so just click on it and when you get there, do a right click, look at the drop down list and choose “create shortcut” and you will have an icon on your desktop that will send you directly to our new blog site. It’s at: Here we will continue to blog on a bi-daily basis as we have in the past to keep you informed about the farm, Vick and I, the critters, funny stuff and just about anything to lighten your day. The AOL hometown journals wasn’t really AOL anyway, so we could never get the hit counter to work to see how many people were viewing us and no one could fix it, so good riddance to them. I have also heard of many people who just had AOL for the journal space, so they are now going to seek service in another area and I understand how these people feel. We have been toiling over what to do ever since we got word that our journal was closing and we needed to find another avenue to continue our daily blog. We have been told that people that read it get hooked and look forward to reading it and wish we would post on it several times a day. Sometimes, we can’t even come up with enough to write about to post twice a day, but we still try to. Anyway, make a shortcut to our new home or visit us daily at and catch the journal link from there on the home page. We’re a waitin’…………

AOL Sucks

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