Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thurs. eve, Oct 2nd… These days need more hours in them!

We just got back from dinner in Coxsackie at 10:30. Had pizza at Paul’s!!! It’s been a while since we’ve had a pizza there and since we finished late in the barn, we figured it was time.

Today we finished the panels on the chicken side of the barn AND……… now it is finished! Every opening is closed, keeping the cold night air out and you can tell the difference. It is actually cozy and warmer in there than it is outside…… by 10 degrees, easy, which tells me we aren’t going to have as hard a time keeping the animals warm in there this winter as I thought.

We installed a light high up near the ceiling to create lots of light in the chicken coop, have the two lights centered in the entryway and two receptacles installed…… one for the bunnies and one for the chickens radio. We need to install the motion controlled light on the corner so when you go to or come from the barn, the light turns on shining on the barn entry and toward the house. Then we want two small carriage lights on the poles out front on a dusk to dawn switch controlling them and one at the rear of the barn.

Vick wants a large goose neck light like they had years ago, high up on the front eve controlled somehow. We’ll figure that out when the time comes. Below are the pictures of the inside of the lighted up barn.

Beyond the birds you can see where we placed the plywood panels.

The nesting boxes get a lot of use.

Just like a sporting event.....Room left at floor level only. Everybody wants the top seats.

The other side panels above the chickens. It's warm in there now.

A better view of the panels we added today.

Front entry door of the barn.

The feed room in use. Twenty bags of chicken feed.


More feed and supplies

Pine shavings for the chicken coop.

Looking at the rear entry door.

Bye, Bye


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