Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wed. Oct 1st… AOL really sucks at times…… Like now!!

We have just received notice that at the end of this month, AOL is going to dump all of the blogs on it’s community page. Probably because all these blogs are free. You can bet your butt that something will rear it’s ugly head to replace it shortly after they do away with this free site, but you will be required to pay monthly for it. Many people have said that this is the only reason they ever kept AOL service and they will now cancel their AOL account and go to another ISP with less bells and whistles or problems. I think it’s a crock. Our sign has this http address on it and all of our blog followers know it. (even though they will follow us to the new ISP site) Perhaps I will get the software for a nice blog page & publish it on which is our huge domain anyway. I’ll be checking on what we need to do to get away from leeches like AOL anyway.

The stock market still sucks (basically) and I’m sure some greedy investors have become overnight millionaires at everyone else’s expense, as this thing continues to unfold. I still say it was driven down this road, like a car, by shrewd people… that create a public scare, causing people to quickly sell stocks all at once, driving prices of every stock down…… then they grab it up for pennies and make billions of dollars as the prices stabilize and the market recovers as the scare dies off. Thanks to these guys, in the end, we will all pay for the losses in a multitude of ways.

Today, all the chickens from the original hen house are free ranging again and the ducks are running around with the turkeys and everyone looks better and back, close to normal. We will determine whether or not to continue the antibiotic treatments today or not. We will go out among them and observe their behaviors to decide. The clutch of eggs out in the new barn is now, two nests with at least 10 eggs each. We need to adjust this to a manageable size today and take the rest of the collected eggs to hatch in the incubator in the basement. We can then introduce the newborn chicks to the original broods for the hen to watch and raise. In the next two days while the antibiotic leaves their system. We will mark all the eggs present with blue food coloring, then we will know the clear eggs from the old eggs from the hatching clutches. It should be interesting. The two hens in the new chicken house (in the barn) are doing an excellent job of nesting. I haven’t seen these eggs uncovered yet! They are constantly sitting on them. As soon as the original hen leaves the nest to eat or drink, another hen jumps on the clutch, fluffs up and nestles in on them until the hen returns and chases them off. It’s cool to watch them.

Today Vicki and I will both work on the barn, doing a door upstairs, panels outside the chicken room, plywood panels on the office wall partition, then electrical lights and receptacles. We’ll finish this thing yet!!!!! We’re close now……… and lovin’ it!

We are not going to pass up any fall activities we find out about to work in the barn now, since we are this close to being done.

Bye, Bye

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