Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thurs. Oct 2nd… Running, Running, Running…getting nowhere!!!!

I got up late today, made coffee and turned all the critter loose this morning and haven’t gotten anything done yet. I initially got an email about the grandson and his projects at Adelphi University where he is doing a thing on Brest Cancer awareness. Adelphi uses a program that doesn’t allow you to save the pictures in the gallery, so I worked on that all morning and hunting data to reload for editing our web pages and some others. I still haven’t found where I put the data, but I did capture the Adelphi pictures. Now I am going to make a phone call and then we will be on our way to working in the barn or running for parts.

We will do a more expansive blog this evening with updated pictures. What a week this has been! But we love Fall!!!!!

   Bye, Bye

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