Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tues. Sept 30th… Over the mountain beyond the ski slope… to Grandmothers house we go……sings Katie!!!

All afternoon, Aunt Vicki and Katie worked on her school project dealing with chickens and their feathers. She needed at least ten species of chickens pictures, their species name and family. They are going to place a feather from each chicken on a page in a book with the chickens picture and their genus and species or the scientific name. There will be ten or more different chickens on individual pages. Seems to be going above and beyond on this project, so she should nail down an “A” for it. It is really interesting.

I spent the day in the barn running lights from a newly installed electrical panel. Tomorrow I will run a few receptacles at the bunnies and chickens and maybe install a light in the feed room.

Soon we will gather all of Katie’s homework, her and our things and us, then head for the mountains. Tonight is going to be roast turkey night at Katie’s house. Yum….Yum!!

OOOOOh…..by the way…… don’t let wall streets sudden surge in stocks rattle you. Remember I said there are some greedy bastards doing things to set themselves up to get rich? Well the sudden buying is them buying penny stocks by the thousands after scaring hell out of less informed stockholders, causing them to dump and run, losing their respective asses. Now these greedy shits buy it up for nothing…..and lots of it and sell it tomorrow when it begins to recover on the market. There is evidence of some 1,000% gains doing this making millions!! (But you better be brave and stay on top of it. One false move and you’ll have only pennies! If you’re lucky…

Sit tight and be conservative. Don’t buy anything right now. Bye-Bye

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