Friday, February 29, 2008

8 inches of the 1 inch we were supposed to get

Here you see about 8 inches of the 1 inch we were supposed to get til this morning.

This is really pretty, but come I said before we're tired of this same old crap! WE WANT SPRING with spring flowers and warm breezes!

We think it is time to get down to business and build the farm bigger and better, but we can't do it until this winter crap goes home to the north pole or where ever it resides in the summer time. We have the barn designed and we are ready to build it. We have some changes we want to make to the shooting range target area, build a shooting bench, groom the pond banks, possibly groom the duck pond banks and get the front fish pond / fountain up and running. The guys that installed it last year didn't install a coupling to remove the pump for the winter, so I had to cut the line with a hack saw to remove the pump so it wouldn't freeze. Now I have to buy a rubber coupling when I re-install it this spring.
WOW!! I just remembered.........March in another day......... then mid April means the first day of trout season!! That’s guaranteed to be an evening of fresh fried trout and home cut french fries. Yum, Yum. (Then 100 miles on the tread mill and elliptical runner)
I love summer. A time when I get up at 6:00 am and do the computer work, drink coffee on the rear deck, overlooking the Pupskill Lake as fish jump, herons grab them and Bucky (beaver) swims around. I sit there drinking coffee and Vicki and I ultimately end up having breakfast out there. (before the pesky flies start buzzing around) After a calm breakfast like that, I'm ready to start to work or do whatever is on the schedule that retired folks never have. Anyway, THINK SPRING!

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