Friday, February 29, 2008

Windham Mountain Ski Resort

Returned home from Vicki's brother's house where we had dinner after Andrew spent a few hours at the Windham Mountain Ski Resort, where he spent several hours on the slopes on a snow board. Vicki and I, Loraine and Bill, Andrew's mom and dad, all kind of just chilled around the gas log outside or in the lodge sipping coffee and hot chocolate while watching everyone ski and snow board. It was a fun day. Had to drive in 5 inches of snow coming out of Richie's house as we left the mountain road near Lexington, but the main roads were plowed. Everyone enjoyed the entire day.
Andrew on the slopes, decending Windham Mountain Sumit at warp speed.........just a blur!
Andrew warping across the glistening snow at a mach 5 speed!
THE MOUNTAIN at Windham, New York
The Puzzler.............Loraine, Andy's Mom

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