Friday, February 29, 2008

I think I was run over with a truck

Doing limited movement today.....feel as though a truck ran over me. Little did I know, just how out of shape I really was! Yesterdays small amount of "easy" work is about to kill me today. I ache all over and my hands and cracked fingers are as sore as they have ever been.......thus, the complaints of a 57 year old. I did promise to help Vick clean up a little in preparation for the arrival of her step son, wife and grandson. They will visit for a few days during another of our miserable snowstorms of 5 to 9 inches. I hope it doesn't limit the fun we had planned for Andrew to go snow boarding and tubing at Windham Mountain ski resort, or Friday nights dinner at Vicki's brothers house on the mountain. They are supposed to arrive early this evening. Looking forward to them arriving as we always have such a fun time. (even if I can hardly move) Hope they get here before the snow starts. It's a long drive from Long Island, New York.

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