Friday, February 29, 2008

Went to Hilltown Agway

Went to Hilltown Agway with Vick this afternoon and picked up all the feed we needed. Did you ever just have one of those days? When we pulled off of our road unto the main route 32, I saw just the fender of a car rounding the curve, way down the road, coming our way. (a good length and a half of a football field or about 500 yards). Anyway, we were completely on the road, traveling 55 mph and had gone a good 1/4 of a mile if not better, before this guy caught up to me........and he was speeding pretty fast to catch me. He ran right up onto my bumper until there was a slight spot where he could rocket around us, but in doing so, made sure I saw the FINGER he flipped me as he passed and then for some 50 yards more while looking into his mirror. WELL!......without thinking of my lovely wife sitting next to me for a brief moment, I returned the favor, then caught myself and thought of how childish this must have looked as I remembered Vicki setting beside me. All she said was "what was that for"? I said I didn't know. Nothing more was said as we followed him another mile to the center of town, where at the red light, Vicki screamed some obscenity and followed up with "can you read my lips"? He did nothing. Sat there just as quiet as a church mouse staring down a cats throat. When the light turned green, we continued on quite calmly for another 1/4 mile, at which time he turned abruptly to the left and upon seeing that I was continuing on by, he proceeded to flip us off again. This enraged Vicki and immediately sent me back in time to a time when I had the same thing happen to me and I followed the guy, got out with a ball bat when he stopped and gently smashed the windshield and back window out of his car and asked if he would like to get out and shake that little finger again.............
One other time I just followed a guy with 3 friends in a jeep to a convenience store where I caught the guy as he exited the jeep toward me and clocked him and kicked him under the edge of the jeep before inviting the other three to join their friend. Thank God for memories...... I just kept going to the Agway. When we left Agway, we went to the mountain for a Dr.'s appt. for Vicki and then to Lowes in Catskill and had dinner at Pie Sanos Restaurant. We returned home and did our exercises and played several games of pool, then retired for the evening.

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