Friday, February 29, 2008

First entry of this Blog

Since this is the first post of this new blog, we should start at the beginning again for the benefit of all the first visitors to the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm Journal web site. My wife Vicki and I had a life long dream to live on a small farm in the Vermont mountains where we would enjoy raising and tending select farm animals. We also wanted to be able to do any and all artwork that interested either of us and spend time with friends and family. Well, some of our dreams came true. We are in upstate New York, on a small 9 acre farm,
have some critters and are improving and expanding our little farm.
We currently have 10 ducks, 15 chickens and 4 dogs which can be viewed at the links on the left side just by clicking on their respective pictures.
Vicki was originally from Brooklyn, New York and in time, married and moved to New Jersey, where she was a VNA nurse for many years. I was from central Pennsylvania, recently retired as a manager from a large company with three locations, and operated the Blu Juniata Ridgevu Kennel. I was a Sheltie breeder for many years and was forced to give it up along with most other things in a bitter divorce in December of 2005. Vicki was at that time caring for her husband of many years, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I had been in regular email contact with Vicki and Carl ever since they had bought the puppy, both to keep up with the puppy's development and as a support to Vicki as she cared for Carl as he worsened. Carl ultimately lost his battle to the cancer in May of 2006, and I continued to try to support Vicki and lift her spirits by talking about Snavely Mill (the puppy's name) during the coming months. The holidays were brutal for both of us. Loneliness is lousy company, so thank God for the computer which allowed us to save each other. After a while, we started to become very close and could talk for hours, both on the computer and by phone. We started to date a little and found we were very comfortable together and I decided to stay at the farm for awhile with my two Shelties to help her with some remodeling she wanted to do and see if we could all stay in the same house without any major problems. Vicki and I had no trouble what so ever. We talked and laughed (something we both seldom did for years) and enjoyed each others company immensely. The dogs didn't do too bad, except when we fed them. Bear, who is a lab mix, didn't care for Dutchess coming close to her food bowl (even thoughshe was not eating or near it) and she came flying across the room and jumped on Dutchess. That was exciting, but short lived and a complete show of muscle only. There was no biting or hair flying, just vicious threats. It was however a time of understanding between Bear and Dutchess, for from that time forward, they were the best of friends. Princess gets along with everyone and Snavely is the clown in charge of entertainment. It worked well and in a few months, I moved from Central Pa to New york and helped Vicki move all the remaining things from her New jersey house to the farm and just became a New Yorker with Vicki. We now had a new family consisting of her and I, and the four dogs. We enjoyed life, made some changes in the property, the house, the outbuildings and then started developing plans for the future. We brought our dreams to fruition......A FARM. The rest is history.... history you can read from then to the present right here.

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