Friday, February 29, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

Blogged all morning long and got this site published and on-line. Now we can update daily and give folks something to look at and look forward to. Snow, Snow, Snow.....that seems to be all we get anymore. As fast as it melts, it's back again. The duckies are pissed! They want to get into the pond and it's been frozen and snow covered for better than a month now. The chickens could care less. They spend their day outside in the plastic enclousure, happy and content to peck and scratch, crow and flog. The Cluckin' "A" dogs just go out, do their business, play and come in all covered with snow and just shake it off and find a warm cozy place to curl up and sleep. We humans are the ones to about go stir crazy with cabin fever.

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