Friday, February 29, 2008

Got up at 6 Am

Got up at 6 Am this morning to work on the blog and leave the dogs out. The dogs were out 3 minutes and then beat a hasty retreat to "mommies" side in the warm bed while I was left to sit here in the twlight of morning by myself. Six o'clock in the morning is a nice time to reflect on things, read or do computer work because the rest of the world could care less and won't hardly, if ever, interfere with you for any reason. I usually get the coffee going, read the AOL news, check emails, both privately and for the Cluckin' "A" and then settle down to do a little blogging for the day..........and so it goes.
Don't know what is in store for today, except for going to the Hilltown Agway for critter food. We'll see......later, so will you!

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