Friday, September 12, 2008

Fri Eve, Sept. 12th… Today was a bust… in some ways…. In others……not.

I went out this morning, got the weed-whacker, went to the Wilson house and grabbed the pruning shears and headed for the pond to first, trim the limbs off of the trees that jab you in the face when you’re mowing and then I cut off the wild rose bush that never bloomed, but ripped you to shreds when you tried to mow close to it. I spent a lot of time cutting junk around the trees, pulling the limbs away and cutting clear down to the ground so we could mow right up against the trees or weed-whack them clean around the base. After doing all the trees, I put the cutter away and fired up the Weed-whacker and started out along the bank. When I got all the way to the end, I turned the weed-whacker against the last tree where I crawled around on my hands and knees with the cutter earlier, cutting sticks and limbs away. I used the weed-whacker and cut all the brush to the ground, then stopped to look at the string and how much weeds were remaining across the back side of the pond when I noticed a huge, black, ball of bugs swarming around that tree base. I looked for about 10 seconds before anything registered, especially since I had been all around that tree base on my hands and knees, pulling grass and cutting saplings……   BEES !!!!! I immediately looked down at my legs and ………… YOWL….I was covered with at least 20 or 30 yellow jackets all trying to sting my legs! In a split second, I was running at warp speed screaming BEES…..BEES….. Why, I don’t know…..Vicki was clear out at the other end of the property by Fort Apache, mowing grass, but I didn’t care…..Someone, somewhere might hear me…… and I continued to run and scream. I stopped some 30 yards from the tree and the little buzzing, stinging bastards were still on me. Now it was WAR! I immediately went into the screaming hand to hand combat mode…… scream and swat and slap and scream some more. Then I ran again. The thought…… “fight, kick, run away……live to fight another day”, so I ran again….then stopped and kicked, slapped and ran again. This went on until I was at the barn and nothing seemed to pursue me any longer. I sat down on the wood pile and breathed a little easier……… I started to laugh out loud at the display of the oriental killer Ninja warrior I was…… then I looked down at my left leg just as one of the little yellow stripped buzz bombers landed on it to stick his stinger clear through my thigh. Hah….. I screamed, as I smashed him with my fist as I almost tore my leg off with the impact, “I guess you’re done stinging you stupid Buzby Bug.” I said as I continued to rub my leg where I unmercifully clubbed the life out of that yellow jacket. I then limped away to the house where I met Vicki as she was on her way after finishing the mowing. I told her all about it and we planned to assassinate all of them this evening, which we did. We poured 16 oz. of gasoline down their hole in the ground and then lit it up and burned the hole and suffocated those little stinging bugs. We liked it too. Our Motto…….“A good bee is a dead bee, especially before he can sting me”.

If you look at the trees and waters edge, you'll see how I was cutting.

Now look at the trees and waters edge. Clean & Clear......

See the tree on the end...only cleaned on one side? That's where the bees were.

If you look close you can see the bee hole in the dirt.

Burning paper towel into the gas drenched area.

The gas just woofed to life......light em up!

Burn, baby burn!

Just about finished killing the bees.

Tomorrow we will check for survivors and then finishe weed-whacking.

Now, that killing thing out of the way, this all day rain, caused for a lousy day of barn building and clean-up. We went to grab a bite of lunch, then went to Greenville horseshoe supply to see about an elevator. He sent us to Smiley’s in Freehold. He has the....... @$500.00 for a used 15 footer…… it was out of the question….. Now we're back to a hay hook on a rope and pulley.

We went into the barn for awhile this afternoon and finished the two doors, one of which is in place and ready for the hinges to be screwed into place from the outside. (would have done that today except for the rain) The other door is finished and setting inside the frame, in place to stop the cold night air. Tomorrow we will finish hanging the doors on their hinges and they will be done. We will move the stuff on the porch to the Wilson house via the tractor cart and then I will load the wood billets from the tree we had cut down and Vick can drive it out behind the Wilson house where I will unload and stack it. Without rain, we can have a full day tomorrow.

The other side of the pond.

Stupid chickens in the newly mulched garden pond. They'll have it all ripped up.

Chicken on the proch of the potting shed. tearing out the plants.


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