Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wed. Sept 24th… Looking for a BETTER day on the Cluckin’ “A”!!!

Yesterday was a catastrophe when Princess, the latent killer, got loose through a hole Casey Mae chewed in the lattice work panel under the pool deck. It was in a spot where you couldn’t readily see and Princess squeezed through it and crawled under the lower deck to a hole in the corner where she exited and snuffed 5 of our layer chickens in a heartbeat. It was heartbreaking to find one crippled chicken, bleeding badly and in shock near the deck and another just then dying at the brooding house , then finding another three already dead. Once I took care of the dead birds, We set out to close up everything under the deck to eliminate any dogs from going under there and checked the entire fence perimeter for breeches before leaving the dogs out again. Just for added security, we will be installing tent stakes all around the bottom of the fencing so they cannot slip out from under it anywhere either. By the time we completed this, it was dark enough to put the critters away for the night, so we jumped into the truck and headed to Rensselaerville, to an acquaintance we have up there with layer chickens and filled the back of the truck with approx. a dozen or more layer chickens. Herman wants to get rid of them because he is going to move and has no place to put them. Anyway…… we have replaced the missing chickens and we are none the worse except for the unnecessary killing of the five chickens which upset Vicki and I immensely. You would think that when you run a working farm with animals and birds, you would have a hardened shell, but you never do. You just learn how to deal with the upset…… you never get used to it. It always bothers you, just as killing a deer always bothered me, but I still went hunting and killed deer which went onto the table. Life comes out of death, then returns to it. That is how it is….always was…..and always will be. We all continue to live from the death of everything around us and then we also die in the end. It is that great circle of life. Enjoy life as God meant us to enjoy it.

This morning, I scanned all of my Dad’s wedding pictures which he sent me a few days ago. Obviously I have a brother and step-brother, along with a step-sister now too, then, I have all the brothers and sister-in-law’s a guy could ever want too. Just when you think your family is dwindling, Gods circle of life expands again. We were unable to go down to the wedding on August 8th due to Vick’s back and the scheduled therapy every day, so this is the first I’ve seen the pictures of the wedding. Rosemary looks quite a bit like my Mom and I’ve spoken to her several times on the phone. She seems like a very nice lady and Dad has been extremely happy again since they have met and moved in together. He is now enjoying the circle of life again and I am extremely happy for him and thankful that he and Rose met and I’ll have no trouble calling her Mom as my term of endearment for the present of love and companionship she gave to Dad. My biological Mom is forever in my heart, present in my life and she knows that no one will ever replace her, so she wouldn’t mind me calling Rose “Mom” at all.

Today, we work on the barn, doing whatever we can, until something in this “Circle of Life” interrupts us!

Below is a picture from the wedding. The top portion is my Brother Rick and my Sister-in-law, Becky standing behind Rose and Dad. The bottom section, is David (Rose's son), Patsy (his wife), Lisa (Rose's daughter) and Lynn (her husband) standing in front of Rose and Dad.


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