Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wed. Sept. 10th … Back up and running hard to catch up!!

We’re back from the virus attack on our computer after a few days of wiping out and reloading files and programs. Sorry that we didn’t post a blog for the last however many days, but the computer was rendered useless from Staples after the 3rd time of them working on it. I finally brought it home and starting from scratch, reloaded all the drivers and programs by hand and rid the system of the virus. Now everything is working properly and we can again resume our lives as before. DON’T ever think that any store will remove a virus and leave your computer as it was before it hit you……… because they will NOT. You might as well restore the computer yourself by dumping everything and reloading from the start. At least it will not cost you anything but time and aggravation which you will still have at a Staples or where ever, plus the cost of their “services”. (if you want to call it that) Mine cost us $98.00 at Staples…… five 29 mile trips and then I still had to do it myself.

Today we will work on the barn and finish the doors and rear weather roof over the door there, if we go for more 2x4’s at GNH. We are about out and I will need them for this and the feed room framing, so we might as well go grab them.

That’s about it for a blog entry until we get away from this computer where we have been tethered for several days. Check with us this evening and see if we can accomplish something with pictures to prove it.

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