Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday, Sept. 19th… T minus 5 hours, 59 minutes 8 sec until liftoff

This is the message Bill got from me this morning. They will pick Loraine up from work at 3:00 pm in the city and head directly to us at Richie’s house for Friday night dinner. They has become their desire to have diner, the first evening, with Vicki, me and Vick’s entire family, during every visit, (Bill & Loraine have known everyone since they were kids, just married) so this is how the visitation always starts and it shall remain so. After dinner and a chat session while visiting, we will head for the farm where they are dying to see the barn and animals. This shall be a weekend of leisure, fishing, shooting, puzzling and dining.


Today…… we finish the feed room which we really just started yesterday afternoon and if we finish it today…… then we are going to be in really good position for the coming weeks, because all that needs done to cpmplete the barn is to install 3 plywood ventilation panels on hinges under the lower roofs to close off the ventilation needed in the summertime, and then wait for the freeze proof water hydrants to be installed and then the electric for lights. I feel comfortable enough for Vick and I to spend a little time going to do some fall fest things and we can still easily be ready before the snow flies in late fall. So…… as it stands right now…… we are ready for a weekend of partying & good times with our family!       Whew!!!        About time !!!!


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