Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Evening, September 2nd… Home from the Birthday Party!

Today was a bit of a hassle this morning, because we had to be in Guilderland at 9:30 for Vick’s therapy treatment. Tomorrow will be the same, so there will not be a morning blog tomorrow morning either. We got home late in the afternoon and since we were both up about all night long… I fell asleep on the couch until it was time to leave for Lexington to celebrate Katie’s Birthday. Katie, our niece, turns 15 this year. She had a very nice dinner prepared by Robin, her mother which consisted of Roast Beef, candied carrots, corn fritters and snap peas in the pod. Later we had yellow cake with chocolate icing and coffee. It has been the first time that we made a dinner at Richie’s house since Vicki started spinal decompression therapy, because of the excess gas we were burning by running to Albany every day. Tomorrow is the last day of formal, regular, therapy so we will cut down on our gas usage and eating out daily, so with the gas savings and savings by eating at home again, we won’t mind driving the hour to Richie’s for Friday dinners occasionally again. Anyway, it’s getting late and I want to put these pictures of the trip to Richie’s and the party on so here they are.

This is Katie, Our niece that is turning 15 this year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!

Their Pond and park area with benches & fire ring.

The trees are starting to change colors there.

Beautiful Roast Beef we had for dinner

We had this delicious cake with coffee after dinner.

Katie & her friend Kathleen. They are inseperable!!

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