Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thurs. Eve, Sept. 11th… Working on getting ready for company……

Today we went to Kingston for the car to be serviced for the 15,000 mile service rip off. The airbag idiot light was on constantly now….unlike before when we made an appointment to have it checked and when we got there the light was off and wouldn’t come on for them to check it. A week later, it came on again and recently…… was on all the time. In the manual, it says if that light comes on, you are to drive to a dealer immediately. Perhaps the car will blow up or simply burst into flames….. Maybe the airbags won’t work if we are in a wreck…….who knows…..better stop what you are doing and immediately…..head to the dealer, who checks it out and says you need a sensor switch. They’ll then order it and you wait two weeks for it to come in and they will call when it arrives so you can make ANOTHER appointment to run all the way to Kingston. This crap is a legal robbery…… extortion…… highway robbery……You’ll jump through hoops or we’ll cancel your warranty…… you better get your oil changed here, where we’ll charge $100.00 for the oil & filter, then force you to keep the other special checks scheduled every 5,000 miles or it’s no warranty for you buster. Today cost us $299.00 PLUS for their stupid little service light to be reset. (but we still have a warranty!)

After that we came home and I decided to cut the grass instead of working on the barn. We are trying to get the barn finished and the grounds manicured and cleaned up before Bonnie, my cousin from Mississippi comes on the 15th for a visit, and then Bill, Loraine and Andrew from East Meadow, New York on the 19th. The grass was getting way too long and it needed to be cut around the pond so bad, the ducks were getting lost in the high grass. I was worried about predators hiding in the grass and grabbing one of them as they headed for the pond, so after mowing all the way around it, I started to cut the weeds along the shoreline with a weed-whacker and it was impossible. I then remembered the weed-whacker we have on wheels……you know, like the DR TRIMMER they show on TV? It has a heavier piece of cord that sticks out on both sides. It worked like a charm, cutting large weeds and small trees without a grunt. In no time at all I was half way around the pond before it got dark and we quit and went to Frank’s for a pizza and Coke.

Tomorrow we have no where to go, so I will finish the other side of the pond and trim a few trees and a rose bush out there and then head into the barn to finish the doors we started. I also want to install the little weather roof over the rear entry door and install battens where they need to be put. Then start the feed room.

Below are pictures of the pond and others from today…….Enjoy

This is our Agway.....Expanding

Noah is getting our feed for us. We only got 5 bags today.

The pond after mowing and weed-whacking around it.

The duckie pond & brooding house, which is now empty.

A close-up of the duckie pond.

Looking at the far end of the Pupskill Lake

Here is the entire Pupskill Lake

Looking along the edge on the right, you can see where I have to weed-whack tomorrow.

Happy duckies.

The barn looking really good. Houses 65 chickens, 9 bunnies & 3 turkeys at night.

More lumber delivered just today or yesterday.

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