Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thurs. Sept. 11th… A moment of silence for all those lost….

All of the United States remembers what happened on that fateful day in New York City, this day, seven years ago…… at the Pentagon and in a field in rural Pennsylvania and I pray to God Americans never forget!

We need to be mindful of this and what our fighting men and women are doing…..what they are giving…… and demand to not let politicians use their lives and bravery to do anything but preserve freedom of the U.S. citizens, Protect them and try to relieve some of the atrocious treatment of other people in the world. We need to stand behind their effort and pray daily for them, that God will protect them and ease their burdens while away from home. The final daily prayer would be for God to ease the hardship of all those families that lost loved ones on a plane, in a skyscraper or in that pentagonal building that day and every life lost by all the service men of the world, from the beginning of time, that made an ultimate sacrifice to protect another person or freedom.

We will head to Kingston today for an 11:00 appointment to have the car serviced and the ire looked at. (alignment problem perhaps) but when we return, we have everything to make the wood chips fly at the barn. See ya this evening.

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