Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sun. Eve, Sept. 14th… Counting down to the company’s arrival!!

Tomorrow my cousin Bonnie will arrive here at about 2:15 or 2:30 and Vicki and I are ready. This is the first I will have seen Bonnie in eleven years and the first for Vick. She is psyched that Bonnie wanted to come visit and so am I. She is planning to stay over for one night before driving back to Mississippi, but we are going to try to convince her that she should stay longer if we can. We would love to take her to see some of the beautiful sights and hit a couple of the nice restaurants around. Bonnie is ready to kick back and relax some since she just got back from 3 days in the city and will be leaving from Greenwich, Conn. In the morning.

When we get up tomorrow, I’ll finish the weed-whacking at the end of the Pupskill and unload the 2x4’s into the barn. I’ll need to plan the porch & deck roof, so I know how many of the huge 2x8’s we have stacked in Fort Apache that I will need to lay aside for the roof. The rest we can use for the feed room floor and ceiling. Once I figure this out, we can start to frame out the feed room, frame in the doorway. Here’s some pictures from today.

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