Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Sept. 15th… Company is a comin’ up the road soon!!

We are awaiting the arrival of my cousin from Mississippi around 2:15 this afternoon and are we psyched about her visit. I’m really looking forward to her coming……… haven’t seen her in eleven years.

Going to head for the barn in a short while to unload the 2x4’s somewhere, strategically located, out of the weather or our way, yet close for building the feed room. I may even load up a few of the big, Long 2x8’s at Fort Apache and bring them over to the barn area. Depends on how many I need for the rear deck roof. I’ll figure that out before moving any from out yonder.

After Bonnie arrives, we will concentrate on entertaining her and doing whatever she would like to do.


Well…. It’s happened again….this time in their own country…… but still, they killed 2 children and sickened thousands more when two assholes in Beijing, China added melamine to milk at their milk collection business which unfortunately, ended up being used in infants formula. I don’t think this was a intended case of wanting to kill anyone…...just trying to make their collected milk appear higher in protein to increase the value of their sold commodity. Chinese investigators say melamine may have been added to the milk to fool quality tests after water was added to fraudulently increase the milk's volume. Melamine is rich in nitrogen and standard tests for protein in food ingredients measure nitrogen levels. Although this is another case of the Chinese being ruthless in business and not intending to do anything but defraud people, the fact is it did make it into the formula……and it did kill two infants…… and it again is a blatant reminder that the Chinese have absolutely no regard for human life. It has been demonstrated time and time again by the recalls of Chinese products for alarming amounts of toxic materials they use in commerce products we stupidly continue to buy and import from them. When will we learn that they are absolutely no different that the terrorists that hate this country and wish to cause our demise. We have activists trying to disrupt our economy (and doing an excellent job of that right now on wall street) and guerillas trying to kill our service men abroad. Why are we there? Why are we trying to save a cesspool of killers and thieves. I think we should bring all of our military home and allow the rest of the world to self destruct in short order. Let them kill each other off and we will have far less to worry about. Use our Military and the tons of money we will save to station our own military personnel around our borders to protect the USA and keep illegal immigrants out. We don’t need anymore of their crap, nor do we need to support them here or abroad. We should build massive reserves of whatever we need to thwart an outside attack on our country and let the rest of the world fend for itself. We have to draw the line somewhere……some day ……… some how.

Now. Lets get started rescuing our own people from violence, hunger and sickness. We could afford to help ourselves if we would quit helping everyone that hates us, don't really want us there and is trying to kill us!

(All those whom are succeeding, by the way!!)

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