Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wed. Eve, Sept 24th… Everyone’s Happy…everything’s back to normal!!!!

All’s well that ends WELL!!!!! There is so much truth to that. Today was like a new day here on the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm. The chickens were back to puttin’ and a cluckin’ and they were willing and ready to lay eggs……… in fact, we got 4 full eggs in the old hen house and one that obviously broke when it was laid, because I found yoke on one of the four eggs. We only got five out of there yesterday before the killings took place. We also gathered 9 eggs out of the new barn, so some young birds are starting to lay and some of the birds we picked up last night laid eggs.

We worked on one of the last sections of the barn’s outer walls and installed the hinged panels then finished the openings, so now, the cold air is less likely to pass through the barn so easily. After tomorrow, we will have the chickens side completed too, which will close every opening except the fascia at the underside of the roof’s lower edge in the loft. We will close that off all the way around when we install the board and batten over the plywood later.

Once we had the ventilation panels in place, we decided to finish the batten strips around the door and windows on the road side, so now it is all completed on that side. The lumber pile inside continues to dwindle as we use up the small pieces we saved knowing the trim work would use them up, so when we are completely done, there will be little to haul out to the junk pile.

Also, tomorrow we will attempt to complete the little 12 foot weather roof over the rear entry door. That will help turn the weather away from the door when it rains. We will also install the batten strips on that door and close off the top too.

We’re like, really, really close to being done with the barn carpentry work. The water & electric is next…then done!

The plywood strip that the ladder leans against is the hinged Ventilation panels we just installed today. 

How nicely the 3 panels closed off the entire upper ventilation opening.

Same view, only from the inside.  See the one below before we started.

Looking at this one you can see how we filled it in and it can again be hinged open for ventilation.

Down the right side..... so neat & clean looking.

Tomorrow we do the chicken's side.


The side we did today needs chicken wire inside it too. It will be there to keep hawks or owls out.


Our ladies on the roost. It's bleachered so they don't crap on each other.

Here they are in the laying boxes.


Some are always just strolling around on the ground...Scratching and putting contentedly.


Mom and the kids chomping on a pile of grass I put into their pens. They love it!

Bye, Bye!

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