Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sat. Sept. 13th… OK…Today’s the day to Boogie! Sun’s out!!!!!

Today is the day to boogie with all our work that we’ve had to put on hold for therapy, weather, other tasks and grass mowing. We finally have a nice day, with nowhere we have to go, so we can get the doors hung…. Finish the batten boards downstairs on the doors and tear the board pile at Fort Apache apart and bring the 2x8’s for the feed room floor and ceiling over to the barn. Seems like a good time to consolidate that board pile to savable things and junk to burn……… which we will cast onto the large pile of burnable craps on the other side. One day, we’ll call the fire dispatch center and tell them we are going to have a controlled burn here and we will burn a lot of the crap from building the barn.

We’ll probably take care of the porch items, which will go to the Wilson house and the pile of wood billets which I will stack behind the Wilson house to use in the wood burner in the Hospice House next fall.

We’ll also shoot some updated pictures after we’re done with this stuff so you can see what we’ve done today. Stay tuned.

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