Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sun. Sept. 14th… I HATE COMPUTERS ! Sometimes………

This morning is shot and I haven't gotten a thing done until now (if I ever get this posted to the blog) I tried to scan a letter to a file so I could email it and the printer said (NO scan function available, you must load the program…….HP memo # ?) Do you think it is stupid, to say that a part of their stupid program isn’t there? Why isn’t it all gone? If they are so great and powerful…… why don’t they fix their stuff that doesn’t work? I’ve been trying to resolve this, to use their junk on my computer, since about 7:30 this morning and at 10:40.…. I gotta tell you…..I’ve had about all of Hewlett-Packard's crap I want! The stupid program says…..”looking for device…….found device…… connecting device……… device connected”, then it continues to load the entire program and at the end, says “ your computer must restart for the program to take effect.” When it’s done restarting and you try to scan something……it says “No scan function…… you must run the HP program.” I wish there was a place for the user to type in “Why? The program doesn’t work anyhow!” Perhaps there is validity in the little videos of people at work smashing up their computers and printers. Maybe that is a relief valve to preserve an individual's sanity……because I want to smash my fist right through the monitor and go looking for some asshole named Mr. Hewlett or Mr. Packard or BOTH! I want to beat them severely! Together at the same time maybe!! Then my thoughts go back to when I was 22 and working as a maintenance mechanic and I had to repair a metallurgical spectrometer made by Hewlett-Packard…… and that was 36 years ago. I’m sure those dudes were in their thirties to forties or more then, so they are probably in wheelchairs or using walkers by now…… Hummmmmmmmmmm, so….I could run their wheelchair down a flight of stairs or hit them with their walkers….. I don’t care right now, I just want to hurt them.


Ok….here we go again…… now, at 11:15.… we have just crashed again! The stupid HP program unloaded their stupid files, already loaded and had to re-boot AGAIN, then said “Now ok to reload program.” You know, not being a patient man…..I counted to 25 million….slowly to allow my blood pressure to re-stabilize, somewhere around 600 over 200 perhaps…. And reloaded it. For the last time, mind you……therewill be no more times……this is it.

Tomorrow my cousin Bonnie comes for a visit that Vick and I hope will last for at least 3 or four days. Vick and I love to entertain company and seldom have any family (except hers, on occasion) come and seldom have anyone stay for a visit. We are both very excited to have her and would be elated to have her stay the week. I hope her schedule is such that she can stay and we can all laugh and revisit out childhood memories and include Vick in the fun. We do the same when Bill, Loraine and Andrew come (which they are doing from the 19th to the 21st) or when Rob, Dori and Spencer come up too.

We’ll know tomorrow when she arrives. Can’t wait.

Oh WOW! FINALLY………The HP printer program is loaded and it works. Why couldn’t it have just done this the first time around? Especially when there is no user intervention to a disc loading????

Well, maybe today might be a nice day after all. Now I can send the email to Rob.

HI Spencer!!!! Plan to drag Mom & Dad up for a visit on some school holiday or any weekend. ( except for now until the 23rd. The guest room will be full until then)

Today, I guess we go get some flowers Vick wants to plant around the new sign out front. After that…………… Who knows?

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