Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sat Sept. 27th… Sit up and Take Notice Folks… BAN Chinese Imports!

Again, how many people must die before we get wise and stop importation of anything known to originate in China! Buy all your farm products needed for your business from our own guaranteed, safe, American farmers!!!!!!!

Now read this anywhere on the web, but we told you about it twice since our original blog of Sept 15th.... It has only become a widening horror story for the Chinese infants.

The Milk Scandal is becoming worse and ever widening since Chinese milk suppliers were found to be adding melamine to watered-down milk to boost its apparent protein content. The chemical, which is high in nitrogen, can fool tests aimed at verifying protein levels. The compromised dairy products are blamed for sickening 54,000 children. Now it has spread to anything made with Chinese whole milk powder and can be found anywhere in the world as these ingredients are purchased in bulk from China for a song and dance by world wide snack producers using chocolate or icings etc. Take Kraft’s statement that none of their Oreo-based products contain any milk powder from China, this statement apparently sent out immediately after emails about the Oreo icing containing such tainted Chinese powders.

READ MY LIPS!!! (in print) They are fooling the testing methods in China that insures quality milk now! The poison they are using to do this is telling the test results that the protein is there, thus making it good quality milk. It does not identify the poison as such! Who can be sure of anything from China. We have suffered many recalls from the past killing children and pets in our country.  

Being safe and careful is great and everyone should remain so, but does it ever occur to anyone that while you take care in what you purchase in the supermarket, are you so sure about what you get at a restaurant? Chinese restaurants, (which we frequent quite regularly, use food and preparations imported from Chinese companies over seas. Now I’m not saying anyone here in the United States is using something they know is tainted and I have a very high regard for the Chinese and Japanese working people and business owners for trying to provide high quality food and service at their establishments, but…… as you do not really know what is in what you buy from American producers in the supermarkets, (due to imported spices and fillers in their products) neither do the honest, conscientious, Asian restaurants.

This is why I think we should immediately ban any importation of a food product with a known origin in China. Surely some things will slip through the cracks by originating in China and flowing into another “Who Cares Country”, then on to us in their prepared products, but it will reduce our exposure greatly. Let them kill themselves or deal with it in their own country. No foreign country likes the American people anymore anyway, so we better start looking out for ourselves! As I’ve said before, Bring our troops home and use all the foreign aid money to make ourselves safe by paying our service men to protect the United States borders and keep illegal immigrants out. Build up our military defenses to thwart any outside country’s attack of us and finally feed and cloth our own people and deal with crime and corruption here.


Today, I think we will work on the barn things still needing done. We have two panels to install in the chicken run area to close off the cold air of the fall evenings and lights and stuff to install. There are a host of little things that will finish off the barn and make it as we have dreamed it would be from long before we started placing foundation stakes in the still frozen ground last spring. It is not such a big deal anymore, because we can stay inside a closed building and work where there is no rain or cold wind…… enjoying the same protection from the weather for us, that we have afforded the animals, for the coming winter. We need to do a little plywood installation on the office wall upstairs and mount the glass paneled door too. The nice thing is that we are almost done with the barn and can now relax to enjoy life a little more than we have since last spring when we committed to doing the barn ourselves.

Bye, Bye

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