Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thurs. Sept. 18th… Sounds like a frost warning is in effect!!!

Good morning from the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm and all of us enjoying the brisk fall weather. We do enjoy the coolness of the present fall air, but also dread the thought of winter, which is coming on the coat tails of fall. Even with that in mind, we are looking forward to all the fall fest activities, the Oktoberfest fun and any other events coming, like the Garlic Festival in Saugerties, which will be on the 27th and 28th. To bad it wasn’t this weekend because our Son and his family are coming up this Friday evening for two days and they would have enjoyed the festival. They cherish their time here with us because it gives them a chance to escape the city for awhile and drink in the serene beauty and peacefulness of our lifestyle twice a year. They live in East Meadow, NY and as you might realize, it is crowded and busy all the time. Below is an email I sent to Billy this morning to put him in the type of mood one should be experiencing when looking forward to escaping regular life for a few days. I remember the lousy grind of working everyday, dealing with people who don’t really want to be where they are either and are usually just wishing to be doing what they want to be. That is why I thank God daily for the great changes in my life and retirement, but most of all………… the love of my life……… My wife, Vick.

Read Bill’s email of this morning and smile. Understand better, the relationship we all share…. How we laugh and enjoy each others company… If we could share with you all, what our family has when we all get together, Vicki and I would do it in a heartbeat… and to think we have met people in our brief relationship that wanted nothing to do with what we offer is unbelievable to us. Read his email and enjoy, dream or come visit us for the day. Be well and safe until your arrival!!



Got a snowsuit? Can you endure frost like weather to go in search of the grand fishy of the Pupskill? Are you exceptionally brave? It's gonna get cold.

Also........ just a thought from earlier this year, so stay with me here, we had thought the beaver had dammed the creek below the Pupskill Lake Pond even higher this spring because the water in the Pupskill began to overflow the banks. We waded a water depth of just above our knees, to get to the end of the pond bank, so we could see down thestream and to our surprise when we got there, we found a bass had turned sideways at the original beaver dam and caused the water to backup to the point of overflowing the banks. He couldn't get through the beaver dam to swim on downstream! It saw us and whipped around, throwing water above the height of the trees, almost drowning Vick and I, then dashed back into the abyss of the Pupskill Lake Pond, right where you always fish. I'm now in the process of installing seatbelts around the trees in strategic spots so you can strap yourself in, just in case you do hook into him. I wouldn't want Loraine & Andrew to have to go home without you if he pulls you in, because I know he is big enough to eat several cows for an appetizer and a pair of elephants for his main. (Now Bill, ya gotta understand...... we don't have elephants here, so can you imagine how hungry this fish is all the time?) Anyway, between him and the Pterodactyls from the black swamp of the Tony, across the street, you can never be too careful. (or have enough life insurance.......) The Pterodactyls have been feeding on the deer and cows of our neighbor, so they may leave you alone this year, but I wouldn't go out without a rifle anyway. (just to be sure)

So.....enough said about all the pleasant amenities beyond your visit of last year which seem to have been added. Vick and I are awaiting your arrival with the little Lady and whiffle man. All here is in the ready state for your arrival.

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