Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday, September 1st… Remember to change that calendar!!!

Today is not only the first day of the rest of your life, but is also the first day of the month. They just seem to be screaming by at light speed! Seem like just yesterday that we were huddled in the kitchen, looking out at the remaining little bit of snow in the driveway, where we had plowed it, thinking that before the rainy spring day ended, we would not see any remainder of the final hint of snow. Low and behold, by days end and hours of spring rain, the last of the snow had disappeared… now, the summer has disappeared, making way for the fall ensemble of pretty foliage, brisk cool nights, fog covered ponds and streams in the early morning light and that special feel and smell only present at this time of the year. This is MY TIME!! This is when I feel the greatest. I love the fall smell and the chill in my bones. I HATE HEAT! Vicki and I were actually thinking about moving to Georgia when we were talking about her moving from New Jersey, several months after Carl, her husband died of Cancer…….you know, start life anew, away from all the memories, miss all the winter snow, the cold….the shoveling and cabin fever…..what a mistake that would have been! Not just by way of my thinking either…..Vicki has mentioned several times that we would never have been happy down south and she couldn’t believe she ever even considered it. Anyway, our second life’s dream (both of us, unbelievably) was to live in Vermont, which we strongly considered for a long time as we were discussing her selling her house in Jersey. I was living in Central Pennsylvania…… a victim of a nasty marriage and divorce, and wanted to start anew somewhere too. We discussed how far we would both be from family if we went to Vermont. Vick’s parents and brother’s family live in Lexington, New York. Her son and family, live in East Meadow, New York. Being in upstate New York, seemed logical to her……… within a short drive of both family members and Vermont………the preverbal perfect spot. Thinking we might someday get together……… 7 or 8 hours wasn’t such a terrible drive to visit my family if I did move to New York and I loved the area around the Catskill mountains, so I thought she was right to choose where she did too. Once she bought it and I could help her with some renovations and moving, I moved my camper up to the Fort Apache lot in the side yard and never moved it back to Pennsylvania. I was hooked…… I loved her….I loved her House…. I loved New York…… I loved her family…… and I loved my life for the first time since I was a child! Now I’m building a barn!!!!

Sometimes I think Carl was searching me out on the Internet, finding my little kennel in central Pennsylvania and bringing Vicki up to get Snavely Mill that day. I remember Carl and I talking for a long time as he told me about his illness as I was filling out the puppy paperwork. Vicki, Carl and I stayed in contact for a long time, exchanging information about Snavely Mill and sending pictures of her as she grew……and I think it was a Godsend that day Carl came to me, for I supported and encouraged Vicki through Carl’s illness and dying. I felt hand picked by Carl to watch over Vicki in his absence….and I have ….and I will. Many times, I feel Carl’s presence here in the house and I believe he is at peace and content that Vicki is well and protected.

Maybe I should quit writing and build that barn! The critters await and I need to make some doors.

We’ll have pictures later. Here are a couple of Timmy Turkey and his wild relatives we saw on the way to Stanley Maltzman’s house last night for a lobster dinner made by Joyce, Stanley’s friend. We were entertained and enjoyed the meal with Stan, Joyce and Susan and Doug Story, Stanley’s daughter and son-in-law. We had an excellent time and the lobster was great.

This is our Timmy

These are Timmy's wild relatives

These guys are on the golf course, 75 feet from golfers, at Sunny Hill Golf Course.

A view of the Catskill mountains peeking trough the trees over someone's house along the way to Stanley's house. Since  Stanley is a famous Artist.... we took no pictures during out dinner visit, feeling it would be rude.  

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