Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday, Sept. 12th… Company is on the way & will be here in 3 days.

We are excited…… my cousin, Bonnie, whom I haven’t seen since 1997 is coming to visit in just three days and then Vick’s son Bill, his wife Loraine and their college Son, Andrew (my adopted kids) are coming on the 19th. This is why Vick and I are trying to get everything ready for our company to arrive. It’s just the usual cleaning up of things stuffed here and there, since we were so busy with the barn and running to spinal decompression therapy all summer long, but now it is time to move the things to where they belong so we can claim our front porch again or use the rear deck properly. Anyway, this is the first time Vick and Bonnie have ever met, even though they have communicated by email, so we are hoping Bon can stay a few days so we can catch up on some old times. I hope Bonnie will be comfortable and her usual, jolly, self once Vick and her meet. I know they are so much alike, so I guess Bonnie will enjoy being here and I hope her agenda is such that she doesn’t have to rush back to Mississippi too soon. We all can have a lot of fun up here for awhile. We just love entertaining company and never get enough of it and family visits are all too short and far between for Vick and I. We fully enjoy when her Brother & family come over, along with her Mom and Dad on occassion, and the few days Bill, Loraine & Andrew spend with us in the fall, then later in the winter, after the new year and are something we both look forward to. Now with Bonnie coming, we are estatic and hopefully this will be the beginning of a regular stop for Bonnie when she is traveling in this area.

Today we will finish the pond bank weed cutting to reclaim the original beauty of our pond park setting. We want to install lights and benches sometime in the future so we can enjoy it in the evenings by sitting out there or fishing and such. After cleaning off the rest of the bank on the right side and Vick is done mowing on the Fort Apache side and we are done cleaning off the front porch, we will again revert to the barn and doors in the loft for the last part of their construction……… hanging the finished doors themselves. Then it’s on to the little weather roof over the rear ground entry door, then it's on to the feed room designing and construction. By then it should be noon……… next week?

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