Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, Sept 22nd… Weeeee’re Off to See the Doctor… most Wonderful Dr. of ALL!!!

Yes, we’re off to see Dr. Paster…… the doctor that gave Vicki back her life. Now we just go for a weekly visit, for him to manipulate her and keep her in top notch health after the spinal decompression therapy has done the job of repairing the damage done by her herniated disc earlier this year. She is back to normal, the barn is almost done, the egg production is beginning to climb and all is well on the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm. We have some new pictures of Barbie & Boobie, which we snapped as we past them Saturday evening, on the way to Ichiban Restaurant, where we took our weekend family visitors. It looks like Barbie gave birth to a young Boobette, that we will call “BB”. I always thought Barbie was the female counterpart and Boobie the masculine one and seeing Boobie taking BB for a ride on the bike in her (or his) UPS uniform, I think, confirms my suspicions. Oh well….we wish them happiness and health no matter the situation and I’m sure that they will move on to the next phase of their relationship in a mere week or two. Actually it might be sooner, because coming up fast, in a few more hours, we will kick off the official start of fall and Bill A. can’t wait for the Halloween Barbie, Boobie and now BB scenario we expect to come.

Yesterday, Bill, Loraine and Andrew concluded their brief, semi yearly visit with us, which was as pleasant as always, but really short. They really enjoy the peace and quiet afforded them by being able to sleep in a few days, do what they choose to do and go to bed as early as they wish, so it is a kind of healthy break from the ordinary grind of the everyday, fast paced living in East Meadow, New York, on Long Island.

After we leave Dr. Paster’s office, we will stop at a Lowe’s and pick up the final hardware needed to install the ventilation panels at the top of the barn, which will then give us the ability to close off the cold air of the evenings so the chickens and bunnies can stay warm in there. We only have a few simple things to complete now and the barn will then be completely done. We’re looking forward to having the barn for the animals this winter because it will make it so much easier to maintain the animals than it has been in the past. All the feed will be in a strategic spot within the barn, in the feed room, which will be accessible easily, even in the deepest snow storm. I can easily carry feed by the bucket to the duck & chicken house and feed the other animals right in the barn. No more messing around trying to get feed out of the Wilson house, to the duck & chicken house in deep snow. The water will be piped to both locations and accessible from freeze proof hydrants placed at each building, that way we do not have to carry water all winter long, as before. The barn and year-round water will make having the animals much more enjoyable this year.

Boobie took BB along to work today. Boobie is a manly girl, anytime you see her. BB is helping her girlie-Dad deliver a UPS package too.

See.....Barbie is in her housecoat with her air in curlers. She's definately a Lady Girl.

And,  Now what do you think of the lousy Chinese milk scandle you first heard about here on this very blog Monday, Sept. 15th......... since then they have killed more of their own and have thousands more Chinese babies sick and in their hospitals.

Isn't it about time we look at what's going on around us and get wise to these people. They kill and mame their own! They will not bat an eyelash at killing all of us. We need to boycott any and all products (especially food) from their country, allowing nothing from there to enter this country.


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