Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wed. Eve Sept. 10th … We smell like DOG!!! About 75 of them…

Hi all, We just got home from Frank and Rosa’s where we ate a late dinner because we were helping with the rabies clinic in Freehold. I was outside the double doors at the firehouse directing people to the correct tables for their paperwork or into the waiting line for the Vet to give their animal their shot. Vicki was inside filling out forms for the shots. After helping little old ladies hold their Mastiff or Rotweiler……which is bigger than they are while a cat is in the line right beside them and people want the shortest line even if they have a dog when the cat line is empty….I’m tired. I was growled at, stepped in dog dodo, got slobbers all over me and was sniffed with the best of them, but we enjoyed helping the Vet, Curt Halsted and his staff and will continue to if they call us to tell us where the next clinic is and what time to be there. Ronnie, the town clerk said she would call us a couple days before to remind us.

We did a little work on the barn before we ran out of time this afternoon, but just got the one door reversed to go where it was intended to go before I put everything together on it backwards. That’s me build it once….tear it back apart and make it right. We can hang it tomorrow after we get back from Kingston, where we must take the car to be serviced at 10:30. We will have lunch at the China Wok while they service the car and then we will come home and start the other door and maybe get them both hung. We did get our 2x4’s today……..but didn’t have time to use even one of them. Oh well……. Tomorrow maybe.

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