Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Eve, Sept 26th… Lost in the ordeal of living my life………

Again, I missed blogging this morning. I wrote all morning long, trying to finish my book, “An Uncommon Journey”, which is basically a biography type book that I will publish soon. It is in the final stages and I will be ready for a second writing soon. This book is a story of two people who’s lives seemed like they were over, Vicki’s due to the death of Carl, her husband of many years and mine as a result of a lousy marriage of many years. It details the amazing journey we both made through difficult times and how we became as one combined and enjoying our life’s dream of living on a farm and raising animals and enjoying nature and God’s bounty everyday. I got so enthralled in writing this morning that I truly didn’t realize that throughout all the writing I had done between getting up for coffee and toast, I hadn’t done the blog. I’m still amazed that I didn’t. Anyway….. We just got home from Vick’s parents and brother’s house where we enjoyed the evening and dinner. Tomorrow we are going to see Audrey and her husband Alfredo, who is in a rehab after a fall down a flight of stairs in a restaurant this week. He had fractured his pelvis and has been in the hospital and now the rehab since he fell, so we will be going to see him down at Monticello, which is where the rehab is. Again, I will plug an address into the GPS unit and away we’ll go, putting our faith and car in the hands of the NASA people with their bright, shiny, satellite and the little, electronic genius in the box, on the dash, that tells us to turn left in ½ mile.

We didn’t do anything in the barn today except feed the critters and tomorrow we will not do any more than that before we leave. Sunday, we’ll work in the barn. Maybe………if we feel like it.

Bye, Bye

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