Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday, September 1st… working on the last doors.

We had a full day today. We started out this morning by moving the bunnies to the other side of the barn where the donkey’s will live next year, so we could finish the doors and then the feed room. The bunnies would have had to be moved from their present location soon anyway, because they were temporarily inhabiting the feed room space. After finishing the move which got them out into the fresh air and in more natural light, we went to P&L Deli in Westerlo for a bite to eat and something for dinner later.

We had a call from Richie, Vicki’s brother, saying they were coming to see the barn and the animals as soon as they stopped and grabbed a bite to eat, so that is why we decided to do the same. Upon returning and eating a hoagie, we went back to the barn and started to get ready to build the last two pair of doors needed to complete the barn openings. We had the two 6 foot openings in the loft to close off and then we could frame out the feed room. Before we could really get started, Rich, Robin and Katie pulled in and we had a really nice visit with them…… the first since Vicki started her spinal decompression therapy, which has been a long time, with the exception of a time or two we met them at a restaurant in Cairo or Hudson. We had a really nice visit and it wasn’t long before they were on their way home again. We will meet them in Kingston somewhere tomorrow for Katie’s birthday somewhere………wherever Katie wants to go since it’s her birthday. There was speculation this afternoon of staying home for a meal of her choosing……, but later there was talk of Panera, but who knows. We’ll know when they know. Either way it will be in Kingston, so it really doesn’t matter.

After they left, we went to the loft and framed out a door, but couldn’t get it to fit into the opening if we had the Incredible Hulk himself putting it in, it was so far out of square. We checked the door with a square and it wasn’t all that bad. Then we checked the opening and it wasn’t all that bad either……… but put the two together and the “not so bad’s” were terrible……. Like an inch out at the bottom on the 71” door. Tomorrow we will pull the plywood off and square it to the hole, then put plywood in two corners on the back side, then install the large plywood covering on the outside. Once the hinges are on and the door is mounted in the hole, we’ll remove the two plywood chunks in the corner. It will have to fit that way. It’s just a little extra work, that’s all.

Stay tuned for the outcome. Anyway, here are a few pictures Vick clicked today.

This is the Pupskill Lake..... in need of water again.

The ducks don't care as long as they don't have to walk.

Coming in to get into the afternoon shade

The house and some other outbuildings.

The bunny house will be just outside the door to the left. We are building a 10' x 15' room onto the existing barn wall.

This is another temporary spot until we build the bunny house.

This is where the feed room will be.... in the opening!

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