Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tues. Sept 30th… Stocks drop… birds sick… worry, worry, worry!!!!

Each and every day is a new chapter in life! Stocks tumble, causing everyone to loose grip on reality. If you have stock, sit on your hands and do nothing right now. Now is the very worst time to dump unless you wish to experience the financial success of the 1929 stock market crash! Everyone needs to just hold on and weather the storm. Keep you nest egg protected by making sure your stock broker is invested in FDIC insured accounts or gold and silver, which are stable commodities that will always be of value. You positively don’t want to run wild right now, based on Wachovia’s being bought out by Citigroup because these guys feed upon one another in times such as these. One makes a bad decision, they crash and are acquired by another. It will all settle out with the dust after the panic quiets down. There are many places being taken over by another right now and this is basically a result of greed and market trader panic. Things are bad… no doubt about it, but not nearly as bad as the conditions in 1929’s crash. Unemployment then soared at 40% and we are still in the single digits. Banks are still dispensing money from the ATM’s and open for business signs are still in small business windows. SIT TIGHT!

The last thing you want to do is dump and run, as many have done, which adds to the problems already there. Every time something like this happens and an investor gets a little panicky, the removal of your money from, where ever it was invested in the economy, now leaves a void that must be filled by other's money. Enough of this kind of voids and you have exactly what we are experiencing. The blame lies with the greedy bastards on wall street…… they very ones begging for more money……. And don’t think that there aren’t a lot of greedy bastards that are now orchestrating a "set up" for them selves to make a killing over this, so sit tight. Unless you are a “Jim Cramer” or a “stock market genius”, don’t do anything. Put your trust in the broker that has been managing your money and doing a good job in the past. If you dabble in the market, perhaps you should seek out a good broker now, that knows when his butt is nearing hot water, because it is close my friend. There will, at least, continue to be a recession (which we are now and have been in) greater than the 1980 fiasco, but if someone doesn’t do something soon, there will be a depression with business closings, job loss and bank buy outs with locked accounts if not bank failures that will parallel the 1930’s disaster. If the right thing is done…… all this will be averted and stocks will appreciate and rebound. It always happens!! Just sit tight!! If you pull now and run and you’ll never recover your losses. Something needs done NOW, but not by us at the lower levels!

This morning I again went to the chicken house and checked the flocks, which looked good. Everyone seemed to be holding their own, but when I went to the brooding house, sadly, I found Tara (the turkey) had died during the night. The others in there seem to be coughing occasionally, but none seem to gurgle when they breath. We are still treating them with the antibiotic and holding all their eggs, which we will do for about 4 or 5 days. In these days, we are pulling all eggs and putting them under two layers that want to "perk" a clutch of eggs, so we will have more young peeps to replace the ones we lost. The little ones should be ok in the barn this fall season. Anyway, when this bout with colds are over, we will wait for two days so the antibiotic can clear from the birds system and then start pulling the unmarked eggs from the houses and begin selling again, leaving the marked ones to be hatched.

Katie, our niece, stayed over last night for the first time since we have moved up here and is lounging around this morning watching TV and fussing with the dogs. We will take her home later today and have dinner with the family again this evening.

Last night at 11:30, when we returned home, we all went to check the animals, gave them food or water if needed and Katie played with the bunny babies. They are getting big and we will need to make a new wire cage to separate them from their momma’s so we can put the does back in with the bucks for awhile to have more babies later. The circle of life, ya know…………

Beautiful fog across the fall mountain near Lexington

Crossing the Gilboa-Shandaken water tunnel vents

A mountain meadow boasting fall surroundings

Same area looking toward Westkill

How beautiful the foilage and fog on the mountains

Near Jennings Hill Road and Vick's parents & brother's house

Katie-Q, our niece....

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