Friday, September 5, 2008

Fri. Sept. 5th… Going to Richie’s for dinner again!!!! Bout time!

We are gonna do a little work in the barn today, but I wouldn’t suspect too much because it is gonna be hotter than yesterday by one degree, so they say. We will work on the doors upstairs in the loft area. Vick wants to look at expanding the outside run of the old chicken house. Perhaps we can think of a quick fix, where we can expand their outside area to accommodate the added number of chickens we now have in there. I think the present area is sufficient to this number of birds, but it would be nicer to have a larger area for them. We’ll see what turns up.

Later today, we will trek up over the top of the mountain to Richie’s house and we will enjoy Friday dinner again as we did before Vicki hurt her back and we ran the additional 232 miles to Guilderland every week for her therapy. It was especially hard to accomplish both, being in Guilderland and then, Lexington on the same day, because all we would have done was drive on Fridays and Vick’s back could not have taken that……..especially not in the first 5 weeks of therapy. Anyway, we can now return to Friday dinners with the family.

It’s rapidly becoming that time of the year when we should be able to sit back and enjoy our labors of the summer. This is the time of the year which always holds strong memories of joyous fun,  and meaningful times of the years gone by. Remember if you will, the harvest times of yesterday when you were a child, as Indian corn, pumpkins, ghosts & goblins began to spring up everywhere. You could find good apples and cider everywhere. There were more and more hayrides advertised and parties galore until that final night of trick-or-treating, which was only on October 31st every year. We only went out trick-or-treating in our own neighborhood and you could trust your neighbors to give you candy and treats that would never hurt you.

Remember also that the passing of Halloween meant that very shortly, it would be Thanksgiving. This the holiday I remember most fondly as my Mother's day. All the family would gather to partake of the bounty provided within the walls of a home in which Mom and Dad prepared the grand dinner for all to enjoy as family laughed and chatted. Mom’s greatest joy was the Christmas season and it always seemed to start with Thanksgiving day. She was in her glory when all were seated around the huge table and the feast began. All were welcome at that table, no matter who they were and who brought them and my mother fed many people she had only met that day and never saw again, but I can assure all reading this that there was an indelible impression made in every person's memory of life that day.

This is the time of year that many good and memorable things happen in ones life, such as school sporting events, holidays, seasonal changes, rejuvenating temperatures and that special fall fragrance only present at this time of year. The nip in the evening air which requires long sleeves and bon fires as you sit outside and visit with friends and family. It is just a very enjoyable time of year and I love it. It also ushers many fond memories of family adventures lost to the ages and immortalized in photo albums of both shelf kept picture albums and the special albums of ones mind in which only you can relax and mentally flip through images just by closing our eyes in a quiet moment, but, none the less, enjoying past family moments, never to be seen nor experienced again, except for those memorable moments in our minds.

Enjoy this time of the year with your friends and family, thus creating those irremovable memories and pictures that you and yours will treasure in the future. Remember to stop at least once a day in a quiet place, outside, where you can hear, smell and feel the season and drift back in that mental album created by loved ones, so you could do exactly this, what they intended, on a day like this, during this season…… Remember and smile at how rich you really are.

Here are the doors we put on the front of the barn.

We are going to do the rear doors the same and move on to the feed room next. Then we will be done building and we can finish up the lights and water.

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