Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sun. Sept. 7th… Rain stopped and it’s BEAUTIFUL out there!!!!!

The rain stopped overnight and this morning was a pleasure to behold. I went out to release the critters and the Pupskill is again filled to the brim….the sun is shining and there is a cool breeze that makes you feel alive. We got everyone fed and watered, so now is the time to make doors and put them on the back of the barn. If the breeze stays like it is, it will be an easy job to disassemble the board pile to access the 2x8’s out there that we need for the feed room floor & upper storage room/ceiling of the feed room. Now’s the time….we’re fresh and the weather is fine.

Oh yeah….. Here’s a copy of one of my latest poems to enter my book. Enjoy….

Never More to Hunger

By Skip Watt

Where would you go to escape the constant thoughts from within,

how do you release yourself to existence without that Torment……

oh, ‘tis unending to the point of realization within abysmal slumber,

for it arrives as a thief in the night, quiet, swiftly overcoming you.

What has come to transpire a constant vigilance of anguish in you,

return to the earlier years, the sweet time of childlike innocence,

when life was as a joy… a time of happiness and carefree slumber,

travesties in life executed toward others are extremely haunting.

Cast a seed of kindness… and later the world blossoms within you…

sow the seed of contempt and the dark clouds menace upon thee…

fear not to give of yourself, for then you deserve to receive also..

if the gift of your giving is received in greed…it will always return.

Conduct your life with happiness & reach out to friendship in all….

the worst of friends are easier viewed than a thief of your heart..

good friends don’t just occur… they are tested in time of deeds,

for good deeds need not repayment…as bad deeds mark the giver.

Be what you must, for life is short ……there are many paths to go,

and each path opens a view of unseen divineness from the giver…

go forth and pick of the fruit… eat and be filled with joyous love..

a true friend picked… will always fulfill you… never more to hunger.

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