Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thurs. Sept. 4th… It’s Hot…Hot…Hot!!! And we work not!!

Today we went to the Dr.’s office and got new prescriptions for my blood pressure medicine and a cream for a rash I got from wearing a knee brace when it was so hot outside. After leaving the Dr.’s office, we went to the Cornell extension office to get more information on farming and gaining farm status. We got a ton of information and then headed for Rite-Aid to drop off the prescriptions and then grabbed a bite to eat in East Durham. We went to Story’s Nursery and picked up a couple of hanging pots that Vick has wanted for awhile and then returned to home. Once we returned home, we decided that it was too hot to be out there working. I decided to catch up on the computer with possibly doing the blog page, then doing a little more writing for the book I am going to publish about meeting Vicki and how we got together. In the midst of starting the blog, I encountered another bout with the computer such as trying to download pictures for the blog & web site. The pictures would only download about 35 to 50% and then would not download any further, so I tore all the cords out of the tower and we took it back to Staples for them to check it over again. It hasn’t worked properly, ever since we got it back after they removed the Vista anti-virus 2008 Virus.

SO………… Now we are operating back on the old tower again. It isn’t easy and we cannot update web sites we have out there on the internet until we are back on the new tower, so just hang in there and be patient with us. We’ll get there as soon as Staples gets the tower repaired properly.

Tomorrow we will attempt to do some kind of work on the barn, but if it’s as hot tomorrow, we may only coast along and do what we can stand. We’ll see.

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