Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thurs. Eve Sept. 25th… Hey there, Hi there, Ho there you’re as welcome as can be.

Makes me think of the Mickey Mouse Club from back in the early 60‘s. Well, we’re about as happy go lucky as that and just want to live and laugh and have a good time. We advocate everyone doing what you want to do in your life and being happy. Joseph Campbell talks about finding bliss in your life and that to find that bliss, (or happiness with life) you must find what makes you happy and have the guts to follow. It’s like having the guts to do what makes you happy, whether it’s your job, where you live or how you live and he is correct. Too many people do what their parents or a guidance councilor say they should do…… “This field is where the money is“… “If you do this you’ll like it“… “If I were you I’d try to get a job doing this. The pay is great.”…… “Do this and once you climb the ladder of success, you’ll be glad I told you this!” All too many people make these decisions based on what others say and then are never happy. Once they climb to the top of the ladder they find that they put their ladder against the wrong wall and they hate it. Follow your bliss toward the things you like doing. Money cannot buy happiness, nor can it buy you love. Make sure to follow your bliss and when you find love……….. love of your work…… love of your mate…………. love of your home, and all these loves in your life, you will know you have found your true bliss and will live an extremely full and happy life. Miss your bliss and you’ll never be satisfied with anything in life. I once wondered why I was born and what my purpose was to be living……… what was I to do…… what was the meaning of life. I had a lousy marriage, was very successful in my job, had climbed to the top of my career ladder and was making more money than I had ever thought possible for me in the area I lived, but I was not happy…… I had nothing, though I had everything. My ladder was against the wrong wall…… Hell! My ladder wasn’t even against the right house. I realized this and after much thought and consideration, I made plans to change my life…… to retire and follow my bliss, even though I didn’t know where it was, but I knew it wasn’t where I was and who I was with. I planned to retire and move to another place to live, then I met Vicki. Much happened to me and much happened to her in the following year and a half. Her husband died of cancer andI had moved the December before that. Time past for both of us and one day we met again….. And we knew…… this is where we were meant to be. And here we are today. Very much in love and happy on the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm.

Speaking of which…… Last night Vicki took her rings off and sometime during the night, must have knocked them onto the floor. Today when she got up, there was only one ring to be found. We assume the other ring, the engagement ring I got her…… is now in the tummy of Casey Mae the “Little Black Devil” Vicki’s wages for the mistake now takes her to the doggie exercise yard where all the pooping is done and she is now monitoring poop piles, Looking for the missing ring. We are hoping it turns up among the many prizes she found today, such as chunks of plastic, (which I think is remains of the shock collar battery), complete socks, pieces of underwear and wood, pebbles and fuzz balls. Casey Mae is like a biological vacuum cleaner with a flapping tongue.

We finished the rear door trim and battens today and the weather roof over the back. Everything is really starting to look finished now and I’m pleased with our building……..both design and how it turned out. Tomorrow is to be rainy all day long, so we will do the plywood panels which are inside under the roof. Today’s work was all outside.

The weather roof turned out nice.

All the battens are in place.... no more cracks.

Door at far end is to feed room, the stairs to loft and near door is the chicken door. Looks good eh?

Once again, the panels we did last evening.

These are the ones we'll do tomorrow in the rain.

As you can see.....the panels won't go all the way across. Some is blocked off over the feed room.

Chickens and Guinea fowl. The Guineas are ugly birds and loud as can be.


Gak, Gak, Gak, Gak, all day long. That's all they do....Gak, Gak.....


We took a break..... looking out across the serene Pupskill with the ducks swimming carelessly.

Timmy Turkey is on duty 24/7 protecting EVERYTHING.

And that's the way was here on the Cluckin' "A" today!!

  Bye, Bye !!

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