Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Eve, Sept. 22nd… We spent the entire day running!!!!

We’re home finally……just in time to put all the critters away for the evening and gather the dozen eggs we were blessed with today. We were able to complete every stop we needed to make and accomplished our goal except for the main reason we went to Albany after Vick’s chiropractor visit. We were called last week about our roof flashing being in and ready to be picked up at Bradco, on railroad street, but when we got there and they gave us the paperwork and instructions to give it to the yard guys out back, they couldn’t find it. Finally the yard man (after numerous trips to the office), said they were going to order it again, because they thought it was loaded on a truck with someone else’s order of steel roofing by mistake. I told Vick on his 5th of 20 trips back and forth to the office that they gave it to someone else by mistake. They seem so un -organized!! Anyway, they are now going to deliver it to us, since we drove all the way there for nothing. That’s cool with me……… as long as we get it sometime. Vick got her copies of Lenore at Kinko’s after a cluster smuck there too. The machine was screwing up the color and blotching it, so they had to change a part in the machine, then it worked ok. Vick made sure they credited her for the three screwed up pictures, then we left happy to have our copies. Next, we stopped at Wal-Mart and got groceries and we did ok there, except, that they were out of the regular 8 O’clock coffee that I usually drink, so I tried the Columbian in the dark brown bag. Who knows…… maybe it will be different than usual and I’ll not be able to say: “Yep!, I should not have bought this s_ _ _ _ _ coffee, I’ll never learn!” I mostly talk to myself but will include anyone within ear shot sometimes, but usually they won’t say a word……… and sometimes they even act like they are deaf or didn’t hear me at all, when include them and I think I’ve done something stupid. I seem to never learn from past mistakes either, so I repeat them over and over. AW…….Come on……people, give me a break……. You know s_ _ _ _ _ means Stupid, don’t make me sound like a bad guy with a fowl mouth on top of being a dumb guy for buying that coffee too. We also stopped at the Lowe’s store behind the Marshall’s store in the Northway Mall on Central Avenue. We picked up the twelve hinges and screws needed for the plywood panels, so we can put them up now, even though we forgot the eye hooks to lock them down. We also picked up the electrical panel for the barn, so I will mount that and install circuits we can use for area lighting to make things a little easier at night out there until it is all installed correctly. That will be easy with all the parts we have hanging around the basement and such.

I gotta vacuum the swimming pool and add the closing kit and get the cover back on it again for the year. Seemed like such a waste to open it and swim in it twice. Hopefully next year we will wear it out.

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