Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Evening, September 6th… Rained all day long!!

Boy did I catch up on my sleep today! I had a terrible sinus headache,  as did Vick, so we both took some sinus medicine and I watched TV downstairs for a bit and fell asleep while Vick went up to the studio and painted a bit. All this was after the guys showed up to cut down the tree I took the picture of this morning and posted. It is no longer there……relegated to a pile of pithy billets of fire wood that Vick will burn in the Hospice House next spring or fall. These guys felled this tree in pieces so it wouldn't damage anything, cut it up, removed the brush and left the billets for me to take where ever I wanted to stack them and charged us $100.00. Hardly worth the work for that kind of money....... and especially the risk of getting hurt while doing it.

I wouldn't climb a dead Quaking Aspen tree like this for 10 times that amount!!

Right now, we’ve decided not to build the Hospice House until spring, but who knows……… all we need is to get the desire again and find we have a few extra bucks and we might just start the construction……… (Fickle as we are)…… and finish it this fall yet.


We are now just getting back from dinner at Paul’s Pizzeria in Coxsackie, and are going to go up to the studio and cut matt’s for some of Vicki’s art. We got a matt cutter and haven’t used it yet, so it should be a learning experience, I’m sure. After we cut the matt’s, Vick will do a little painting and I will do a little TV watching or surf the web looking for stuff. (maybe, cause I don’t know of any stuff I need from the web tonight) Maybe I’ll work on my book for a little while or write a another poem to add to the 42 I now have for my poetry book I will someday publish. Perhaps I will just write another short story to go with my childhood adventure series of growing up in rural Pennsylvania in the early sixties. Who knows…… who ever knows?

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