Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thurs Sept 25th… Good morning & what a beautiful Fall morning…

I was out this morning just after daylight to leave the hens out and feed and water everyone and there was that fall mist and early morning nip to the air. What more could a person ask for and being out there among the animals you can feel contented, safe and as if that is where you belong. Not in the real world, where everyone is talking about a failing economy or the election race… how someone killed someone on a city street or was arrested for driving under the influence again. Who needs what the rest of the world imposes on us anyway. Who really wants to live that way. Surely not Vicki or I. We are the ones that want to be friends with the world and bother no one. We would rather share what we have as take something from anyone! Why then has the majority of the world become so “give me, give me, give me…. Anyway?” Why can’t the rest of the world work for what they want. So many people in this world are jealous of what the other guy has. Don’t they realize they don’t have to lust after their neighbors things…… just get off of their lazy asses and work a little bit and the things they want can be theirs. It’s not that hard. You say you can’t get what isn’t available to you? What might that be????? Money?? Work for it! A job????? Work for that too! Start off small, working hard and your efforts will not go unrewarded….. People watch and people see and a hard working, trustworthy, reliable worker will always be in demand in this world and he can command the ammount his wage to be kept on the job. You need A break ????? you need a break? I hear this crap all the time. AGAIN….. Get off your ass and become the worker in demand and all sorts of breaks will present themselves to you. Be a Go Getter! You can’t lay around crying how hard it is, or how the world is against you, or that you need help and do nothing about it to help yourself and expect yourself to look like a winner to anyone you come in contact with orlook like you would be someone people would want around them. Be positive. Do good work and try harder, then you become that shining star that stands out in the group of others, making you the one everyone wants to pick. Remember the biggest, shiniest apple on the tree gets picked first.

Today, we are going to try to do the little weather roof on the rear entry door and the batten strips on it. Maybe even the panels on this side too.

I’ve been writing in my book, “The Uncommon Journey” which is a story of how Vicki and I got together and started the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm, here in New York. I will be ready to publish it soon and am planning another about the Critters here too and short stories of my childhood, growing up in Pa. in the 60’s. I try to write a little every morning, but sometime it goes to excess, like today, so I better get moving and to the barn.

Bye, Bye


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