Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday, Sept 29th… Tomorrows the last day and today is lookin GOOD!!!!!!

Tomorrow is the last day of the month and even though we officially entered fall or autumn on Sept. 22nd, it never quite feels like autumn until October traditionally ushers it in. October is always when you think of fall hay rides, pumpkins, Halloween and such, but it also makes me think of falling leaves, the approach of Thanksgiving and then winter. Oh, how the seasons do fly, much as a marble rolling downhill on a smooth surface.........the way it gains speed as it goes further and faster. Such are our lives……… Everything goes faster as you get older. Every year, although they still remain 365 days long, they seem to become shorter in length, as do the hours in a day when you are trying to get things done on a schedule. We need to all revert back to the days when we were in grade school and each summer was a lifetime long. How was it possible to cram so much laughing, fun and living into three short months, yet I can’t seem to do half that much in 12 months? It seems I never get started on something I want to do, before I encounter a disaster which needs to be addressed, which takes the entire day to resolve. Then, after looking back, it seems I should have been able to do that and much more in that amount of time, but it never works that way. I guess we get caught up in procrastinatory thoughts of dealing with things we are really unsure of, then spend more time thinking through different optional avenues that we may use to resolve them. Perhaps we have lost that youthful disregard of fear in our decision making process, as we perfected our though process.  You know of course, that was usually absent in our youthful decision making. Anyway, my point is that life is passing us all by as we search and labor over the problems in our lives. After we are dead and gone, no one will remember our problems, nor will they even remember most of us, so I think we had better wise up and live our lives to the fullest.

This coming month, go to a Halloween function and laugh….eat some fall pastries…… go to the Oktoberfest activities near you and take a little day trip with the family to somewhere out of your area and eat a meal there...... and spend the day! Explore a new town somewhere by walking their streets and windowshopping while holding your spouses hand.  Live the fall months and enjoy them before you are trapped in your house with the snow blowing. (what a mistake that is when there are so many wintertime places and fun things to visit and do too)

Today, we are going to work in the barn a little, because the chickens all seem to be holding their own. The five in the brooding house seem better and are moving around and wanting out, but I didn’t turn anyone out because we are planning to go to Vick’s parents & brothers house for dinner and a visit, so we’ll work on the barn this morning & leave for Lexington at 5:00 this afternoon.

Bye, Bye

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