Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Evening, Sept. 7th… We worked on the doors… foopaw!!!

We went to Glenmont today to pick up my computer tower which didn’t work right the first time they repaired it and took the “Vista Anti-Virus 2008” out two weeks ago. When I brought it home and tried it…… the pictures wouldn’t download completely and the page said “1 more item to download”, but it never happened…… not until you went to another page and then came back and the pictures would open more or maybe all the way. Either way, it wasn’t repaired. I took it back and they said they would look at it, fix it and give us a call. They called and said, “Gee, the way all the setting were changed by that virus, it’s a wonder anything worked at all”, and told us it was ready to pick up again and that it was working just fine now. We picked it up today and when I got home and fired it up………it was obvious the guy didn’t do ANYTHING! It is just like it was before, except , possibly slower. I’m actually glad they were closed when I called, because I might have used some choice language. Now that I’m calmed down…… I might be able to talk to them without threatening someone or getting into a fight when we take it back. I don’t appreciate $98.00 to remove the virus and tomorrow being the 5th 29 mile drive to that store and then the 6th coming home, knowing there will be a 7th drive to get it again…..then an 8th to get home after that…..need I say I’m pissed? I’d say 232 miles with the price of gas is enough to get pissed over, let alone our time and that fact that our web sites and blog suffer the loss of the computer in their shop. I’ll tell you this……it will not leave the store until I test run it this time and he will work on it in my presence, like they don’t like to do.

When we got home, we worked on the rear loft doors. The Foopaw I spoke of, would be doing this kind of work when I'm already pissed..... everything I touch goes to _ _ _ _ in a handbasket. I got several splinters, nailed a support piece on the wrong mark, an INCH OFF..... almost dropped the door out the opening while stretching to screw it to the frame, then pulled something in my back.....put the hinges on the wrong side and then found the bracket wasn't nailed right or at all.

Once again........I was pissed and I quit. Previous to this all.....Casey Mae got out from under the fence and grabbed a chicken and crunched and munched it.....Thank God Vick just happened to look out as she grabbed it and we called her off.  I think the chicken will be ok, but it has a few puncture marks and it was bleeding a little. Vicki sprayed the wound with anitbiotic spray , so it should heal.

Jeese.....crumby days just go on and on.

Now everything has quieted down.......the dogs are asleep.... Vick is right beside me painting as I write this and my life is all right with the world again, cause I love her and she loves me.

Tomorrow will be better.

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