Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday, August 31st… This is it my friends…… ENJOY IT!!

Today its all over…the summer is gone... September ushers in fall to raise its beautiful but nasty head to reveal the beginning process of that ever rapid approach to winter again. September.....Honestly, I love this time of year, but the older I get the more I understand that you can love the colorful fall foliage, the crisp mornings and evenings, the smell of Autumn, yet find a bit of remorseful resentment that summer has ended. I always look forward to the Oktoberfest activities and everything fall has to offer, but I resent that we will then slide directly into winter’s grip, rather than enjoying sunshine, fishing, backyard grilling, etc…… all the things we chose to give up this summer to build the new barn. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t last so long…… usually 4 months most years…… nearly 6 some others. Oh Well……… life is what it is and after nearly 58 years, I should get used to it, but it comes so much quicker these days!

We often say, “Oh to be a teenager again!” We make that statement freely, but I don’t think many would really care to go there again. Some say “If I could go back and know what I do now… I’d sure make a bunch of changes.” I suppose most would…but would you be willing to give up all you have now todo that? Remember…… every choice you’ve made throughout the years, no matter how bad… has led you to the place you occupy today. Your mate, your family, your career, your entire life, would not even be remotely the same if you went back and changed even the smallest occurrence that happened back then. Every miserable thing that ever happened to you, in some way, made an impact or deciding factor in everything you’ve done or the direction your life has taken through the years. I know, I had a pretty lousy time of it for a lot of torturous years, but it all led me to Vicki, the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm, here in beautiful New York and the life I now love. With that in mind.....I wouldn't change one lousy thing I've endured over the last 36 years.

Today…… we build a door in the front end of the loft…… frame out the bunny’s quarters in the rear of the barn and make up a lumber list and such for the future work we plan to do and also give Ed, from Middle Field Lumber, a chance to get our lumber cut for us. Here is a picture of the front door with battens installed, the rear door area where the bunny hut will be built, the side pasture and a picture of Gracie’s baby bunnies and one of Fuzzy’s baby bunnies too.

Potting shed and garden pond.

Front view of the barn. It's gonna look neat & Clean.

The front door with battens came out nice.

Here is the world's first view of Fuzzy's babies.

Fuzzy's three little fluff balls.

Here is Gracie's two little cutties.

There is one day between the litters.

The rear area of the barn. We need to install batten strips.

The rear of the barn will remain neat & clean too.

These fence posts are just sitting in holes. They need filled in.

This fence goes all the way around the field for a pasture.

This is a view of the entire pasture area where donkeys and/or sheep will graze next summer.

The Hospice House will go between the driveway and the center tree in the picture.

Another viewof the lush garden pond with waterfall. It sounds so pleasant when sitting out there in the shade in the afternoon.

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