Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday, Eve.. June 20th.. Not feeling so well.. in the back!!

Nothing!! Repeat…Nothing was done as I expected today. I got around this morning with my plans to do the loft flooring, but after walking out to leave the chickens, ducks and turkeys out, I decided this was not the day to be lifting and throwing 4x8 sheets of ¾” plywood up onto the beams which are 9’6” above the ground… not the way my lower back is aching. It is probably a result of the 300 mile ride yesterday. This happens about every time we go down to Jersey. The following day, I’m zonked and my back aches in the Lumbar region. Tomorrow it will be gone again and it will be business as usual. Happens all the time.

What we did get done today was to clean out the camper for Matt & Mark, put the TV in and looked up the DVD player from my camper which doesn’t work anymore for some reason. I think it must have gotten struck with lightning in Pa or something, because it worked the last time we used the camper….Now it doesn’t!

We went to pick up our mail since the mailman missed us and we had a registered letter to pick up. It wasn’t even worth picking up and could have been dropped in the regular mail. What a waste of our time and everyone else’s time involved at the Hootersville Post Office.

Now we’re doing a rack of ribs and some buttered corn for dinner. When that’s done and the critters are in and done….we’ll retire early to watch a movie or paint or something.

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