Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday evening…June 23rd… Spinal Decompression is neat!!

We made the appointment at Guilderland with Dr. Paster and went over the spinal decompression procedure and he reviewed Vick’s records from Greene County Imaging where she had the x-rays, Doppler and CT scan done a few weeks ago and Dr. Paster felt she was an eligible recipient of the procedure and that it would definitely help her chronic back pain. In fact, she had her first session on the table this afternoon and is enrolled for about 24 more sessions 3 to 4 times a week in his office. While we were there, other folks involved in the program were coming and going and I heard several uninvited testimonials for the results of the program…such as “God bless this treatment” to “It’s unreal how well this works and the results are unbelievable.” The people in the office…..secretaries, Dr. Paster’s assistant, Jim Tarantino and Dr. Mike Paster himself are so friendly and talkative that you are immediately at ease with them and the program. We warned them all that we would take pictures for the blog next time and they cheerfully agreed to be photographed.

We have had to make a slight change in the Hospice arrangements and changed our benefactors from Washington County to Albany County. The organization we had talked to and was trying to get a letter of acceptance from with their official seal was actually a support group of the Washington County Hospice and Palliative care. Since they are a support group and we are also, we had to change to Albany County so we were supporting the actual hospice program and not another support group. This came to light when they could not provide us with an official sealed letter. I don’t understand this, because we have an official corporate seal and they should too. The IRS is very particular about who you give non-taxable proceeds to, so if you follow our Hospice Page on the web site, you will notice the change.

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