Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June 3rd.. Thump & Move & Grunt Day on a ladder!!

Yep, that’s what is in store for me today. Time to hit the ladder. Whack 6x10’s with the 20 pound sledge hammer to align ends, install nail plates which lock the beams down and cut the overhang off on the other end before I can plate them. It’s an all day ordeal……possibly two days…..and until you’re done…. you’ve hit your fingers at least 20 million times (it seems) as you install those stupid plate nails. I have to complete this portion of the work as soon as possible so we can go to Lowe’s and pick up the pre-cut 2x4’s and plywood to continue. We have decided to install the steps, plywood upper floor and then move to the board and batten down stairs to close in the bottom and start preparing the interior walls and such so they are ready for the chickens when the Jersey Boys finish to top section June 27th.

Come on everyone…. turn your friends and neighbors on to our site & blog so we can increase the reader numbers on a daily basis. We now average 10 to 20 hit’s a day. We would like to see it increase to 50 to 100!! If each person tells their friends and gets them interested and looking daily, and they in turn, tell their friends, the 100 hit mark is easily achieved in a short period of time. We will go back to lots of picture entries as soon as Vicki is back on her feet full time again. Until then, I snap them when I think of it and she takes pictures when she is somewhere she can take some.

I got an email two days ago asking for animal pictures and yesterday a suggestion that we take some pictures of the local businesses, the people and so on, so you can put a face to names used in the blog. That’s an excellent suggestion and we will start doing that if we can. Drop us an email with any suggestions you may have. We read all emails received and answer them. Thanks

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