Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thurs. June 26th… Sally leaves for Slovakia and it’s raining!!

Farewell on your trip and Gods speed to you and the boys, Sally! Have a safe, enjoyable trip!

I need to catch a break today and have nice clear weather long enough to run the skill saw down both edges of the barn floor so I can cut that overhanging plywood off flush with the sides. I also need to us the chain saw to cut the 8 x 10” beams under the plywood where they stick out over the main beam. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to do it all, provided I can get one of the chain saws running.

It would be nice if the afternoon was clear so I could get some or all of the mowing done. It’s now getting ahead of us. I could also move more crusher stone dust into the barn now that the steps are in place and everything else is almost done. It will have to be in there before we put the board & batten siding on, or it will be a much bigger job to do.

This will be a really busy week-end, because there are multiple doings going on here and there all around us. Matt and Mark will be here Friday & Saturday…..possibly Sunday if needed, to work on the barn loft and roofs. We are going to our Nephew, Kenny Drao’s graduation and a party afterward, on Saturday and then on Sunday, we are going to Long Island to our grandson, Andrew Alderman’s graduation party in the afternoon. Through all of this, I must make sure Vicki isn’t totally stressed and that she doesn’t over do it with sitting too long and stretching and positively no carrying or picking anything up. The Dr.‘s orders are do not sit too long. Sitting will kill your conditions healing. She can recline the car seat to keep her back aligned properly, but sitting on a chair for a long time will be a problem. She’ll be fine…I’ll make sure.

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