Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday…June 15th…Fathers Day… How exciting…for some

Whoooooopie, Fathers Day…. kinda like a generic birthday or something…. fire up the grill, burn some burgers and weenies and drink enough beer to barf. Sounds like a plan to me…… a perfect way to enjoy going to work tomorrow morning when you awaken with a head the size of Manhattan!

I think I’ll just skate through the day being happy I have no little rug-rats demanding everything they don’t want in the first place, and I am extremely jubilant as all hell for not having any when Vicki and I pass parents in a store with one kid punching the other in the head and the recipient screaming at the top of their lungs, while both parents look like they are suffering the ultimate of drift factors. They always seem like sad human beings, lost to the world, as they plod along in their stupor . This is the exact time the statement about some species eating their young comes to mind. Nah, you can have Fathers Day… not for me!

We are going to Rich’s today for a cookout at 3:00, so I will enjoy a very small version of the above mentioned Kamikaze flight by enjoying the food in moderation and a little wine perhaps. I can get a hug from the niece and nephew, hear about their final school days, enjoy everyones company and we will be home before dark to gather our many critters and return them to their respective places for the night. We’ll blog this evening about the cookout and related activities.

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