Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sat. June 7th…. HOT…MUGGY….HUMID….A KILLER !!!!!

Today is a travel day or sit in the A/C day! The humidity must be about 99% and the temperature is 95 degrees. That is a recipe for disaster if you try to do anything but exist! The ducks are in the pond….the chickens in the woods, digging holes in the dirt, nesting and picking bugs. We opened the brooding house door, installed a fan blowing outside air into the house and turned the largest of the new chicks out to fend for themselves in the new world along with the turkeys, which do well daily. Perhaps the new chicks (now grown) will follow suit with the turkeys and other chickens and may even take up residence with the older chickens.

We will start today’s adventures by heading to Hilltown Agway for dog feed. After that we will head to Kingston for an outside clock, (with a barometer, thermometer and relative humidity unit on the reverse side) like we saw at Richie’s house last night. Joe found it and picked it up for outside their house, on the sidewalk at the head of the steps to the house. Vick wants to put ours on the rear deck which will look rather good out there. She called and had them hold one for pickup today.

We will also find a place for a leisure lunch or early dinner, depending on the time when we decide to stop and eat. Hopefully, we will satisfy Billy A. with some pictures!

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